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BodhranReader EN TitelEnglish: After 5 years of in depth work for this tutor, i have finally finished this piece. I had a lot of friendly helpers that made all this possible. Besides the description of the Kerry Style, an introduction into the syllable language for rhythms and into the used notation, the book comes with 100 celtic and international rhythms that have been written down for bodhrán. My notation is based on the notation for tonbak and daf (Persian), but the signs had been transformed a bit to be useful for bodhrán. The book uses common rhythm syllable to talk the rhythms as well.As first book dealing with the Crowdy Crawn (name for this Irish frame drum in Kernow/Cornwall) it deals with the Cornish dance Cabm Pemp (a 5 step dance).The book is illuminated by drawings of the enormously talented artist Dagmar Gosejacob. It includes 3 illustrations by Vladi Krafft and the bodhrán mouse being drawn by Sina Keiser. The level of the exercises are from patterns for beginners till inspirational notations for advanced players. It includes a tool for beginners to understand the length of notes. You will know what that is after holding the book in your hands. ...


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